Integrative Primary Care Membership

A great option for patients of all ages wanting a higher level of care that combines both conventional and naturopathic modalities. Membership is limited to 100 patients per provider, allowing their physician to spend more time with each patient and address each health concern thoroughly.

The following services are included with your membership:

Office visits

Annual screening physical

Email and phone correspondence – up to 5 per month

Telemedicine video visits

Nutrition and exercise planning

Discounts on lab tests (or billed through your health insurance)

Discounts on supplements

Online bill pay at no extra charge

Prescription management and refills

Sign up now

schedule a new patient office visit ($199) by scheduling online OR call 360-828-1429

After that it’s $125 per month with a 3-month commitment

NOn-Membership rates

60 minute new patient visit - $199

45 minute follow up visit - $130

25 minute follow up visit - $100

B12/complex Injections - $30

Telemedicine video new patient visit - $199

Telemedicine video follow up visit - $130

Emails – not available for non-members

Phone calls –$25 per call for non-members

Please do not hesitate to contact Vancouver Wellness Studio for more information.

Consider scheduling a free 15 minute consultation.

Dr. Lisa Bryant can be reached at You can reach us by phone at 360-828-1429.